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15433 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 202

Phoenix, Arizona 85032 

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Dr. Gary Hatlen

Palmer College 1988

***** 5 STAR RATING 


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Dr. Hatlen's

Brain-based Solutions to Pain


You know how most people only treat their symptoms and not the true cause of their pain?  

Our goal is to find the underlying neurological cause of your pain so that we can deliver fast, effective relief and allow you get back to enjoying life and doing the things you love to do.


Step 1: Brain-based Consultation to determine your wants, needs and goals.

Step 2: Brain-based Examination to find the neurological cause of your pain.

Step 3: Brain-based Care to correct the cause of your pain.

Step 4: Brain-based Laser to accelerate your healing and pain relief.

Step 5: Brain-based Exercise to strengthen your brain and neurological pathways.

Bonus: In addition to pain relief you'll achieve improved brain, neurological and spinal function as well as better overall health.


CALL 602-443-4423

(Receptionist available 24/7)



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Dr. Gary Hatlen



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