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Great Videos

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Great Videos on the Power of Chiropractic Care

Eyesight Restored

Spinal misalignments compress and stress nerves and causes abnormal function.

Spinal adjustments decompress and de-stress nerves and normalizes function.

If the nerves have not been permannently damaged then these so called miracles can happen.

4 Time Super Bowl Champs Get Adjusted

This video shows NFL Superstars Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Roger Craig getting adjusted for optimal performance. 

Jerry Rice

49'er and 4 time super bowl champ Jerry Rice holds all the major receiving records in the NFL.

He also is a "Dancing with the Stars" Champion

Kelly Ripa

Chiropractic Adjustment of Atlas (C1) Lowers Blood Pressure 17 Points

Here is C1 atlas again.  See how important it is.

Notice how they have the MD on afterwards to downplay it.

Medical Doctors Showcase Chiropractic Care

Here is C1 Atlas once again.

The MD called it a 'medical breakthrough'?  That's funny!